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In a phrase, we're in it for the long haul. We are dedicated to helping you get from beginner to full integration in real life. In that process, with NYCNVC you can expect to experience:

  1. Care - We are committed to providing beautiful, safe, comfortable and supportive environments for our participants and trainers.
  2. Respect - Every person's needs are held equally and all of our trainings are "request oriented",  a partnership between the trainers and the participants. You will not be pressured to do an exercise or speak if you don't care to.  Our theory is that we all tend to learn faster and in a more sustainable way, when our needs are carefully considered and we we have a sense of choice, ease, partnership and fun.
  3. Fun - Yes, we take this seriously and at times we may feel sad. And we also appreciate, enjoy and celebrate life too... sometimes we laugh at (with) it.
  4. Accuracy - We are committed to being true to the work of Marshall Rosenberg and clearly understanding and articulating his work.
  5. Access - Our teams work tirelessly to bridge economic, geographic and cultural boundaries by creating and implementing systems to offer globally consistent, multi-lingual, multi-cultural, no-cost and low-cost NVC training. We also offer a continuously growing, no-cost online Media Library, Open Source NVC Practice Group Curriculum, Introductory Online Exercise and "The Compassion Course". NYCNVC has funded over a thousand scholarships in 2015 alone and serves a community of over 21,000 people from over 90 countries speaking at least three languages.
  6. Community - Being part of a co-learning, co-growing "NVC Community" dramatically increases our ability to learn and practice Nonviolent Communication. NYCNVC is such a community.


NYCNVC utilizes a "living yet codified" curriculum that has been developed over the past 11 years. It is continually, incrementally revised and improved by the entire NYCNVC Training Staff/Community worldwide. This means whether you attend a "Discovery Weekend" in Vienna in German or Detroit in English, you will have a consistent training experience and be ready to knowledgeably and productively attend your next training, free from unnecessary repetition, confusion or mixed messages.

It also means our curriculum is always evolving and improving.  And that means faster, funner, more effective learning and real-life results. We've also found this approach has created a more connected and harmonious community.

Core Trainings

Core trainings are designed to impart a clear, complete understanding and experience of NVC. They include "Discovery Weekends", "Practice Groups", "Empathy Day School", "Residential Empathy Intensives", "Residential Self-Empathy Intensives" and "Residential Request Intensives".

These workshops are offered in sequence and impart a conceptual and practical integration of NVC wisdom. The "Discovery Weekends" and "Practice Groups" provide a "comprehensive introduction" while the subsequent Empathy Day School and 4-Day residential "Intensives" provide a depth of learning and experience that builds "NVC Consciousness" and supports a sustainable NVC practice in our daily lives.

Coaching and Mentoring

In addition to group training, NYCNVC offers coaching and mentoring for individuals who would like to work "one with one" with a trained NVC Coach. NYCNVC has developed a internationally renowned coaching protocol designed for serious NVC learner. The program affords a clear process of assessment, goal setting and ongoing practice, inspired by NVC consciousness.

The Integration Program

The Integration Program (IP) is a comprehensive NVC curriculum and growth support system that provides all of the elements needed to take NVC beyond the method or the model, to an integrated perspective, consciousness and practice. Designed by highly experienced training professionals over a 10-year period, the program provides an opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding and integration of NVC concepts in a community of "like-hearted" folks.

It is design for people who have a clear understanding and experience of NVC and are inspired to make it part of how they interact within themselves and how they interact with others... Integration. CLICK HERE for more information

The Compassion Course Online

This one-year international online course offers weekly support to learn concepts, skills, and insights to create and experience more compassion and understanding in your life. The course guides participants from the very beginnings to highly advanced practice.

Each installment of the Compassion Course Online is emailed to the members of the course starting on June 22nd, 2016 with subsequent installments sent weekly thereafter for 52 weeks.

There is a member Message Board and numerous Facebook pages that connects our global community on a daily basis, while our monthly recorded conference calls expand our connection and learning. The 2015/16 Compassion Course has over 4,000 participants from over 90 countries. Anyone can participate in the course, regardless of time, financial or geographic restraints. CLICK HERE for more information.

Leadership Opportunities

NYCNVC has a constantly growing demand for facilitators and leaders in our Tele-workshop Program, our Practice Group Program and our Core Workshops. If you are interested in becoming an NYCNVC partner in sharing NVC, please contact our Course Coordinator at coursecoordinator@nycnvc.org or (646) 201-9226.

Free Intros | Discovery Weekends | Empathy Day School | Residential Empathy Intensives | Residential Self-Empathy Intensives | Residential Request Intensives | Practice Groups | Coaching and Mentoring | Integration Program  | The Compassion Course Online | 64 Days for Peace