NYCNVC Integration Program

The Integration Program (IP) is a comprehensive NVC curriculum and growth support system. In the program, we provide you with the opportunity and support to learn NVC in a meaningful way - to make NVC an embodied perspective, consciousness and practice in your life.

The program weaves together the NYCNVC core trainings in an immersive 8-month journey of sustained practice and community. Throughout the program, IP participants work with Thom Bond, NYCNVC mentors and other fellow participants to integrate NVC skills including expression, empathy, self-empathy, making requests, dialogue, ultimately connecting to feelings and needs in meaningful ways. If sharing NVC with others is part of your learning path, the IP is also the perfect place to grow your facilitation skills in a supportive environment. The combination of intensive trainings, community gatherings and individualized mentorship create a fertile ground for a learning experience that is tailored around your needs and vision for NVC in your life.

The 2017 IP officially begins on April 1st, 2017 with a group gathering in New York City, where participants and mentors will meet each other and begin the journey together, connecting and sharing intentions. The program closes on November 30th with a final gathering in New York City.

Deadline for Application is March 15th, 2017.
To apply for the program, contact Clara at or 646-201-9226.

The Integration Program Includes:

Click here to download the full curriculum details. See below for the program outline.

Core Curriculum (required)

  • In-person Trainings
    • Discovery Weekend
    • Discovery Weekend Review (option to support facilitation team)
    • Residential Empathy Intensive
    • Residential Self-Empathy Intensive
    • Residential Request Intensive
  • Individual Mentoring Calls with NYCNVC mentors
    • Two 30-minute sessions per month for 8 months (total of 16 sessions) with an NYCNVC Mentor
  • Group Mentoring and Q/A with Thom Bond
    • One 60-minute group session per month for 8 months with Thom Bond and all IP Participants
  • Empathy Buddy Calls
    • To be scheduled with Empathy Buddy, 1 hr minimum per week, for the duration of the training, and hopefully beyond

Optional Training Opportunities

  • Monthly Alumni Teleworkshops
    • 3rd Monday of every month, 6:15-7:45pm EST, over the phone
  • Monthly Alumni Gatherings in New York City
    • 4th Monday of every month, Time and Location TBD


At NYCNVC, we strive to make NVC learning comfortable, safe and fun, while preserving accessibility and affordability. Through alliances with, and the support of, other non-profit organizations, the entire monetary outlay for this 8-month program is less than many single college courses.

Click here to view a summary table of the total investment for the required components of the 2017 Integration Program. Please note that food/lodging is included in the residential intensives, and the indicated cost is for shared room occupancy. For single room or tenting the pricing is different, please inquire. This does not include or train/bus/air travel to the programs.

Contact Clara at for any inquiries regarding finances.