In compassionate thinking we can create a forum for all parties needs to be fully seen and heard - and thereafter choicefully and powerfully met OR unmet.

Needs are universal to all of us. In fact, we can see them as the basis for everything all of us humans do - everything. From scratching our heads, to eating meals, to getting married, to killing someone. We share these things we call needs with every other human being on the earth.

When we learn to see and relate based on these universal needs, it is way more possible to connect with other human beings, regardless of their age, ethnicity, language, social status, political position or history.

When the needs (not the strategies or stories) of people are deeply understood, new strategies almost always appear.

In times when new strategies don't appear, parties are much more inclined to choicefully have certain needs seen and NOT MET. In short, the process brings out the compassion in us resulting in more harmony.