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Thom Bond - Founder and Director of Education for The New York Center for Nonviolent Communication, Creator of The Compassion Course.

Thom brings 29 years of human potential study and training experience to his work as an Internationally renowned writer, workshop leader and speaker. His passion and knowledge of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) combine to create a practical, understandable, humorous, and potentially profound, approach for learning and integrating the skills of peacemaking. He is described as concise, inspiring, sincere and optimistic, applying transformational and spiritual ideas and sensibilities to real-life situations.

As a writer, teacher, speaker and coach, Thom has taught tens of thousands of clients, participants, readers and listeners Nonviolent Communication. He has been published or featured in The New York Times, New York Magazine, Yoga Magazine, and is a regular guest on radio and television.

Thom is a founder and the Director of Education for The New York Center for Nonviolent Communication, the creator and leader of The Compassion Course and is a member of the Communications Coordination Committee for the United Nations. He currently serves over 3,500 students, in over 80 countries, in three languages.

Thom Bond's Bio

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Elizabeth Banner - Facilitator & Coach

Elizabeth comes to Nonviolent Communication as part of her path of learning and exploration of the human experience. She has led a transformational lifestyle for over 25 years working in diverse environments, at the highest levels of spiritual, social, corporate and political leadership. 

Elizabeth is an ordained Interfaith minister, coach, workshop facilitator, and teacher. She holds separate degrees in Education and Public Administration and is a certified trainer/mentor in soulful leadership from the Center for Soulful Living. She is a graduate of the NYCNVC Integration Program and has completed three years of the NYCNVC Trainer Training Program.  

She facilitates NVC practice groups in Manhattan, teaches NVC practice group facilitation and coaches clients in NVC integration. She enjoys helping others learn how to live authentically with themselves and others in a way that supports their lives and relationships.  

Elizabeth has been dedicated to supporting the growth of a facilitator community in NYC. She continues to  provide NVC coaching/mentoring services and continues to lead introductory practice groups in Manhattan.  You can contact her at

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Taisha Cortes - Facilitator

Taisha is a graduate of the NYCNVC Integration program, a participant of the Leadership Program and currently serves as the volunteer Teleworkshop Coordinator and Workshop Facilitator. She's a CNVC trainer certification candidate and dedicated practitioner, committed to embodying empathy and spreading NVC. She practices NVC based mediation and is passionate about Restorative Justice in schools.










Antonio Espinoza - Facilitator

Antonio Espinoza is an Assistant Director at NYCNVC. His communication and outreach work has played a major role in our mission of sharing NVC around the world.

Antonio is currently a Discovery Weekend Facilitator, Integration Program Graduate, Leadership Program participant and a principal member of the Spanish Language Coordination team for The Compassion Course Online.

His ability to both learn and practice NVC serves as a model and as an inspiration for all those who work with him.










Gabriel Lockwood - Facilitator

Gabriel is a graduate of the NYCNVC Integration program, a participant of the Leadership Program and is currently an Assistant Director. He is also working on the French translation of the Compassion Course Online.

Gabriel began his NVC journey two years ago at a Discovery Weekend and has since become a dedicated practitioner, incorporating nonviolent communication into his practice as a mediator and coach.









Sasha's Bio

Sasha Soreff - Facilitator

Sasha is committed to supporting self-expression and bringing creativity into our day to day lives. She is a choreographer, dance teacher and actor and has been studying Nonviolent Communication since 2005.

Sasha is passionate about community-oriented, participatory art making, with a focus on encouraging people to find creative expression individually and collaboratively. She is Creative Director of Sasha Soreff Dance Theater, and intergenerational performing company that addresses connection and conflict resolution in its work and rehearsal process. She teaches dance classes for adult beginners at Dance New Amsterdam in New York City.

She has been inspired by the study of NVC with Marshall Rosenberg, Robert Gonzales, Susan Skye, Elizabeth Banner and Thom Bond. Her current NVC focus is how to use role playing to enhance our skills in navigating difficult situations.

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Rick Ulfik - Facilitator

Rick Ulfik discovered Nonviolent Communication through his work in social change organizing, coalition building and partnership development with We, The World, a longtime partner of the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication (NYCNVC).

Rick has been working with NVC since 2004 and has participated in numerous workshops led by Marshall Rosenberg. Rick has worked closely with Thom Bond (founder of NYCNVC) for many years and co-facilitates the "Be The Change" NVC workshop series with Thom. He also facilitates 10-week NVC Practice Groups.

Rick has a life-long commitment to building mass participation in creating peace, sustainability and transformation in our world. He believes that NVC is key to achieving those goals.






steffen's headshot
Steffen Weiberle- Facilitator

Steffen was exposed to Marshall Rosenberg's material and NVC in early 2007 by participating in a self study group using the book "Nonviolent Communication" and the companion workshop. Both the book and the group were very eye opening and inspiring. Wanting to dig deeper, Steffen started looking for other ways to learn and experience NVC. In 2008, he started attending NYCNVC events and working with Thom Bond

Steffen has over four hundred hours of dedicated time learning, facilitating, co-facilitating, introducing, and sharing Compassionate Communication with individuals and groups new to NVC, and those familiar and wishing to practice. This includes six 9-week workshops he has facilitated in southern New Jersey since 2009, and groups he facilitates regularly to practice Compassion Communication.


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