Integration Program

The Integration Program (IP) is a comprehensive NVC curriculum and growth support system. In the program, we provide you with the opportunity and support to learn NVC in a meaningful way - to make NVC an embodied perspective, consciousness and practice in your life.
The program weaves together three residential intensive modules in an immersive journey of sustained practice and community. Throughout the program, IP participants work with NYCNVC trainers, facilitators and other fellow participants to integrate NVC skills including expression, empathy, self-empathy, making requests, dialogue, ultimately connecting to feelings and needs in meaningful ways.

2019 Integration Program Dates & Location

The NYCNVC Integration Program consists of three 4-day intensives that take place throughout the course of 6 months, with partner practice in between.

Rosendale, NY
With NYCNVC Leaders Antonio Espinoza, Clara Moisello and Katie Testa

Module 1: Empathy Intensive - June 13-16, 2019
Module 2: Self-Empathy Intensive - September 19-22, 2019
Module 3: Request Intensive - November 14-17, 2019

Each intensive begins Thursday at 3:00 PM and ends Sunday at 3:00 PM.

To view an approximate intensive schedule: CLICK HERE.

Curriculum Details

Module 1 - Empathy Intensive: A Deeper Dive into Empathy, the Breath of Compassion

The first intensive training is intended to support participants in having a deeper integration of empathy. In a supportive, community environment, participants experience challenge, guidance and support in the practice of empathy and seeing our world empathically. Throughout our time together we will learn to increase our capacity for being present, learn to focus our awareness, and develop the ability to work with our own capabilities and humanity, in real-time situations.


Module 2 - Self-Empathy Intensive: Becoming our own Best Friends

After establishing a foundation in ‘seeing’ feelings and needs in the people around us, we turn the attention towards ourselves to develop our self-empathy skills. Our ability to self-empathize is a requisite skill for living out our NVC consciousness in the world. Deep empathy, dialogue, mediation, teaching NVC, and perhaps most importantly, knowing what we want to do, versus what we think we should do, are all supported by our skills in self-empathy.


Module 3 - Request Intensive: Making Life More Wonderful

Once we have established our journey to seeing ourselves and the world empathically, requests are how we support our deeper connection to the life in ourselves and others and help others understand the aliveness in themselves and us. In using requests we can deepen understanding and heart connection and transcend conflict in real time in the real world.



This program is designed for people with an intermediate to advanced experience level. This usually includes a minimum of 10 weeks NYCNVC Practice Group experience, or a Discovery Weekend, or 18-25 hours of equivalent training.

Location and Lodging

All residential intensives are held at the Lifebridge Sanctuary in Rosendale, NY.

The Lifebridge Sanctuary is a 12,000 square foot hand crafted, green facility on 95 acres of forest and spectacular open space on the Northern crest of the Shawangunk Ridge, close to the small township of Rosendale, eighty miles north of New York City. It is run by the The Lifebridge Foundation, Inc., which was established in 1992 for the purpose of supporting organizations and individuals who, through cultural, educational, and/or scientific means, are creating bridges of understanding among all people by actions to realize the oneness of humanity and the interconnectedness of all life.

We are very excited and grateful to be making this our "home" again this year.


Amenities Include:

- Extensive hiking trails
- Off grid solar power
- Comfy beds and linens
- Multiple indoor spaces for breakout groups
- Public Transportation ~10 min. away
- Grocery and Coop ~10 min. Away


All meals and snacks are provided throughout the residential intensives and are served in our communal dining hall. All food is freshly cooked onsite and features organic or all-natural ingredients. The menu accommodates gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and omni-eater diets.

Cooking services are provided while cleanup is generally shared by all.


There is a Trailways bus that goes from Port Authority in NYC to Rosendale (just 8 minutes from Lifebridge), as well as a Metronorth train arriving in Poughkeepsie where you can take a LINK shuttle to Rosendale. We will provide pick-up from the bus station.


Tuition for each module - Sliding Scale $400 - $800 (*)  (see below)

There are different lodging options available with different costs. People can choose different options for different modules. Below, we indicate here the cost for one module (includes food and lodging from Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon):

Shared room (3-4 people): $395
Single room (limited availability): $575
Tenting or Commuting: $275

Suggested Payment Schedule

A nonrefundable deposit of $400 is due upon registration (following the Application process, see below). This amount will be eventually rolled over and applied to the final module (Request Intensive) in November.

Tuition and Lodging for each module need to be paid in full by the following deadlines:

- Module 1 - Empathy Intensive: June 1, 2019
- Module 2 - Self-Empathy Intensive: September 7, 2019
- Module 3 - Request Intensive: November 2, 2019

(*)PLEASE NOTE: At NYCNVC, we strive to make NVC learning comfortable, safe and fun, while preserving accessibility and affordability, along with sustainability for everyone involved. In order to support all people who would like to participate in the Integration Program, tuition costs are based on a sliding scale. People who contribute at the top of the scale allow us to offer spaces to people who would otherwise be unable to attend.

In addition, we are open to have a dialogue whenever finances are an issue and we do our best to find solutions that work, including payment plans and work-trade arrangements, when possible. During your application process, please discuss any concerns you may have around the financial investment and payment schedule.

How To Apply

Space is limited to 25 first-time participants. To apply for the Integration Program, please submit the Application Form: CLICK HERE.

Once we receive your application, we will schedule an intake dialogue (usually 15-20 minutes) to explore together your vision for the training, your NVC experience, your physical needs and comfort, your training needs, your understanding of details (times, dates, payments and so forth), plus any preparation we imagine would add to your learning so that you have the best experience possible.

During the dialogue, we will also review and discuss the schedule of payments for the training. Registrations are then completed by phone or over the internet (link provided by email after dialogue).

PLEASE NOTE: If you have previously attended an NYCNVC Residential Intensive and you would like to participate to one or more intensives, please contact us at or (646) 201-9226 to discuss.