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NYCNVC Mentoring is an interactive process that takes place between you and a mentor either on the phone, online or in person. It provides an opportunity for you to receive personalized support in learning and integrating NVC in your life. The NYCNVC mentoring process affords for a clear process of assessment, goal setting and ongoing practice, inspired by NVC consciousness.

Mentors use a combination of empathy, NVC education and exercises to help you develop the areas where growth and integration is desired and use your natural strengths more fully. By working with situations that apply specifically to your life situation and relationships, the learning is greatly intensified.

For more information, please read below. To request NYCNVC Mentoring Services, please complete and submit this form


Typical Mentoring Objectives

  • Identify short, medium and long term objectives with regards to understanding, cultivating and integrating NVC consciousness and skills in daily life
  • Support you to bring relevant material to the calls and track your direction and progress
  • Support you in maintaining your own Empathy support, including “Empathy Buddy” and “Empathy Medic” relationships
  • Create and monitor agreements or “homework” to support real-life integration
  • Model Empathic Listening and Honest Expression
  • Encourage you to provide feedback at all stages in order to best support mutual growth

Sample Breakdown of a Call 

In the first call or two, most of your time will be spent working on the identification of short, medium, and long term goals, based on your level of understanding and integration of NVC consciousness and skills. It might also include setting up empathy support. After that, a typical call might look like this.

  • First 5 minutes – short check-in, both of you, present feelings and needs.
  • Next 5 to 20 minutes - Check-in on Empathy Buddy status and experience, long and/or short term objectives. Refine empathy call skills.
  • Next 10 to 30 minutes – Review journal work, empathize, discern identified NVC principles, processes or ideas as they relate to a "real-life" situation.
  • Last 5 minutes – Harvesting and celebration.  New or renewed “Homework” agreements.

Sample “Homework” agreements for the time between calls

As a general guideline, we have found journaling to be very helpful for most mentees.  

  • “3 Entry Journal” – you are encouraged to keep a journal with weekly entries about 1, NVC Successes or understandings, 2, Breakdowns or learning opportunities and 3, comments about your empathy sessions with your buddy.
  • "Live Feelings and Needs Exercise” – This is a journal kept usually in a small notebook.  It is used to create new thought habits toward an awareness of Feelings and Needs.  You write a quote that someone said and the corresponding feelings and needs associated with the words.  This can be done 1 to even 5 times a day, depending on your willingness and availability to explore . There are many versions of this exercise that develop different aspects of one's consciousness.
  • “Appreciation Journal” – This helps you increase awareness of met needs and feelings as a “radar” to needs.  You write down an observation, and the associated feelings and met needs.  1 to 5 times a day.
  • "Create a list" of breakdowns, breakthroughs and live situations to bring to call.

Getting Started

To request NYCNVC mentoring services, we invite you to submit a Mentoring Request Form. The information you provide will guide us in identifying a mentor to work with you or to check the availability of the mentor of your choice (please see the section below for the available mentors and their bios). You will then be contacted via email to schedule a no-cost exploratory dialogue. In this first dialogue (usually 30-40 minutes), you will discuss your mentoring goals, review the logistic aspects about your mentoring partnership and finalize your enrollment in the program.

Cost and Number of Sessions

The current rate for mentoring sessions is $60 for a 30min session and $120 for 60min session. During your no-cost exploratory dialogue, you will discuss the duration and frequency of your calls and agree on the number of sessions to support your integration. The agreement is subject to review and modification at any time based on your or your mentor's needs. We request that at least 24 hour notice is given in case of cancellation of scheduled calls.

NYCNVC Mentors

  • Are experienced workshop facilitators
  • Have completed the NYCNVC Integration Program as participants and facilitators
  • Have completed at least 100 hours of training with NYCNVC
  • Participate in regular NYCNVC Mentoring Team meetings for review and support