Practice Groups

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Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is often readily understood, yet can be challenging to put into practice. To help you bring NVC into your daily life, the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication (NYCNVC) offers 10-week Practice Groups at least twice a year.

NYCNVC Practice Groups are weekly gatherings (usually 5 to 15 people) where you can develop your skills through the use of practice exercises, role-plays and the sharing of your struggles and successes with others. All groups are led by NYCNVC certified Leaders and Facilitators and follow a curriculum originally developed by NYCNVC Director of Education Thom Bond and constantly evolving thanks for the feedback from leaders and participants.

Every year, nearly 100 students participate in our 10-week practice groups. Many enter the groups as complete beginners, while others attend with the intention of reviewing to further integrate and deepen their learning. We are continually moved by the sense of connection and support within the community that we feel is a result of learning together in this way.

The next season of 10-week Practice Groups will begin in January 2020. Click here to sign up for updates about upcoming Practice Groups.



Practice To

•Be more compassionate with ourselves and others by increasing our awareness of our feelings and needs

•Distinguish our actual observations from our story about what happened

•Translate our judgmental thoughts into the underlying feelings and needs

•Listen empathically

•Receive "hard to hear" statements without taking it personally

•Make Requests

•Support our own values while honoring the needs of others

•Connect with a sense of aliveness and appreciation

Suggested Experience

Participants should have some idea of what NVC is. Recommendations include attending a "First Mondays" NVC Introduction, reading the beginning of Marshal Rosenberg's book: Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life and/or completing The Exercise.


Click here to sign up for updates about upcoming Practice Groups.

Quality Facilitation

At NYCNVC, we are committed to share the work of Marshall Rosenberg with outstanding clarity and integrity. To ensure this, all our certified Leaders and Facilitators are in constant communication and connection with the NYCNVC core staff and supervised by the Director of Education, Thom Bond. Additionally, here are some common qualifications that all Leaders and Facilitators share:
Certified Practice Group Leaders
  • Have completed the NYCNVC Integration Program
  • Have facilitated at least one NYCNVC Practice Group
  • Are experienced workshop facilitators (this includes facilitating Discovery Weekends and Intensives)
  • Have completed at least 100 hours of training with NYCNVC
  • Participate in weekly Practice Group Support meetings with other Leaders for the whole duration of the group
  • Participate in the NYCNVC Feedback program
Certified Practice Group Facilitators
  • Have completed and facilitated at least one NYCNVC Discovery Weekend
  • Have completed an Empathy Intensive
  • Have participated in an NYCNVC practice group
  • Participate in weekly Peer Support meetings with other PG Leaders
  • Participate in weekly Practice Group Support meetings with other Leaders for the whole duration of the group
  • Participate in the NYCNVC Feedback program