Module 3 – Request Intensive

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Making Life More Wonderful

Once we have established our journey to seeing ourselves and the world empathically, requests are how we support our deeper connection to the life in ourselves and others and help others understand the aliveness in themselves and us. In using requests we can deepen understanding and heart connection and transcend conflict in real time in the real world.

In other words, requests help us increase our awareness of our own feelings and needs as well as the feelings and needs of others. In many ways requests represent the most spiritual part of NVC practice. They are the bridge between our life energy and what we choose to do, how we act. Requests help us discover our own attachments and suffering and give us the opportunity to move in the world and in our relationships in deeper accordance with our values.

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- Mediation

- Connecting Needs to Action

- Role Plays

- Demonstrations

- Empathy Sessions

- Connecting to Deeper Needs

- Embodying Needs


- Defining NVC Requests

- Connection Requests vs. Action Requests

- Requests vs. Demands

- Requests vs. Boundaries

- Hearing "NO" and Being Happy About It

- Finding Our Hidden Demands

- Requests and Empathy

- Requests and Self Empathy

- Navigating Conflict

- Connecting Judgment to Needs

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