Meet Dina Ali


Dina Ali is a Website Editor in French, Arabic and English at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina since 2008, and a Translator since 2005.

Dina had her first introduction to Nonviolent Communication through Shahinaz El-Hennawi whom she first met in a retreat in Sinai Together, they launched “Shams Women” to spread love and compassion, and support individuals in their path to self-development and inner peace. Dina joined Ahl El-Heta (The Neighborhood Community), an initiative to combat religious tension, and Welad El-Balad, an anti-sexual harassment campaign. With “Shams Women”, they started a group to study Marshall Rosenberg’s book Nonviolent Communication: a Language of Life and try to bring it to daily practice. She is now part of The Compassion Course 2014 Arabic Translation Team, dedicated to bring NVC to Egypt and our other Arabic speaking neighbors.