Meet Elizabeth Banner


Elizabeth comes to Nonviolent Communication as part of her path of learning and exploration of the human experience. She has led a transformational lifestyle for over 25 years working in diverse environments, at the highest levels of spiritual, social, corporate and political leadership.

Elizabeth is an ordained Interfaith minister, coach, workshop facilitator, and teacher. She holds separate degrees in Education and Public Administration and is a certified trainer/mentor in soulful leadership from the Center for Soulful Living. She is a graduate of the NYCNVC Integration Program and has completed three years of the NYCNVC Trainer Training Program. 

She facilitates NVC practice groups in Manhattan, teaches NVC practice group facilitation and coaches clients in NVC integration. She enjoys helping others learn how to live authentically with themselves and others in a way that supports their lives and relationships. 

Elizabeth has been dedicated to supporting the growth of a facilitator community in NYC. She continues to  provide NVC coaching/mentoring services and continues to lead introductory practice groups in Manhattan.  You can contact her at