Meet Sara Nader

Sara Nader

Arabic Team Support Member 

Sara has a law degree (LLB) from the University of Alexandria, Egypt. 

In 2009, she worked at the Earth Charter Secretariat in costa Rica and she learned there a lot about sustainable development which affected a lot of aspects in her life.

In 2012, Sara joined a group to study Marshal Rosenberg's book "Non-violent Communication :A Language of Life, and try to bring it in daily practice".

She has noticed the influence NVC had on her life, and that motivated her to talk about it with everyone she meets. She took spreading NVC awareness as a goal.

In 2014, Sara facilitated the "64 days for peace program" by Thom Bond. Participants were astounded and were grateful for the immediate shift theyhad in their lives after the program.

Among Sara's other interests are Environment, facilitating artistic workshops for kids, and helping women develop and start their own small businesses.