Meet Shahinaz El Hennawi

Shahinez El Hennawi

Compassion Course Arabic Team Leader, Assistant Facilitator, NYCNVC

Shahinaz el Hennawi is a co-active coach from the Coaching Training Institute – USA. She has over ten years experience in projects related to peace-building. She is an active peacemaker through programs and her leadership of groups and circles, including a practice group on NVC from people of both Islamic and Christian backgrounds. 

Shahinaz has studied and worked in USA, Europe, Asia and Central America. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University for Peace. 

Shahinaz discovered NVC in 2010 during her time in Austria. She found it to be such an enriching experience, she decided to take her learning forward and integrate it in her life and home country Egypt. In New York she created a partnership with Thom Bond and NYCNVC to bring NVC to the Arab speaking World. Today Shahinaz is the principle coordinator and Associate Facilitator for the 2014 Compassion Course Arabic Translation Team.