Meet Youmna S. Yousef

Youmna Yousef

Yomna is a critical thinking and language instructor in the American University in Cairo, and a dedicated NVC practitioner. She also facilitates women support groups – titled “Fadfady”, or “Speak up”! She helps women embrace their feelings and needs and understand them.

Yomna was first introduced to Nonviolent Communication by Shahinaz El-Hennawi, her coach, and she instantly noticed the importance of communicating compassionately to women specifically, and to people at large.

She was asked to help proofread the Arabic translation of the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication's Compassion Course Online, and found it a great privilege to know more and practice NVC. That also gave her some hands on experience to become one of the assistant facilitators of first round of the Compassion Course in Arabic.

Recently, Yomna assisted in giving an introductory NVC workshop for school teachers at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt.