What Is Nonviolent Communication?


Nonviolent Communication (NVC) was originated by Marshall Rosenberg (1934 – 2015) over a period of about 40 years, as he dedicated his life to understanding what separates us and connects us, what brings us to violence and what brings us to resolution and peaceful coexistence.

During that time he discovered that when we identify, understand and connect to our universal human needs and values, rather than diagnosing and judging, we have a much greater ability to understand one another in a way that empowers us to resolve conflict without violence.

Nonviolent Communication is the name given to the concepts and practices that Marshall originated to help us think, speak and hear others with a focus on needs. This in turn, empowers us relate to ourselves and one another with compassion and ultimately create more peace in our lives and in our world. Today NYCNVC teaches Marshall's work  in over 100 countries, in 4 languages.

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